How to Overclock GPU

How to overclock gpu? You know the term “Overclock gpu?” if you’ve never heard of it before as it is used to perform better than the manufacturer intended your computer’s GPU, tablet phone, in any other modern computing devices unite on have processors inside them that all have something in common their performance is dictated by the design or architecture and the number of cycles but they can perform per second, which is usually represented as frequency or clock speed. So that is where the term overclocking comes from, You’re taking the clock speed and turning it up over the manufacturer’s recommendation to get more performance. Now as I said before clock speed is not the only factor, it’s not like you can overclock a calculator to perform as well as a gaming PC with that said you can make the calculator faster relative to its original state. So how do you do it well first you have to decide if you actually want to overclocking often requires other aspects of your device to be run outside specifications.

Popular Graphic Video Card GPU manufacturers including ATI and nvidia. They are the main competitors on the market and their power seems to be an endless discussion. These companies actually manufacture the processors called graphics processing units GPU’s that operate the video card. Many other companies utilize these processors in their particular brands of video cards. Video cards are mainly used for gaming and heavy duty graphic programs such as video and image editors.

What will happen if your device will become unstable as you turn up the speed you can compensate by turning up voltage but that can cause additional power consumption and more heat output season. Overclock gpu will have experience with anything from large heat sinks with bands for cooling the liquid cooling or even more exotic cooling if they’re trying to get maximum performance. More voltage also increases the risk of failure. So for this reason, many manufacturers will actually refuse out right to provide warranty service on overclocked electronics. Still want to do it you’re not alone lots of people are willing to make these trade offs that I just mentioned for more performance.

There are comprehensive guides that exist for gpu overclocking pretty much any device that would benefit from it many android phones can be overclocked with a simple APP download and GPU overclocking is a very popular pasttime with gamers video editors or anyone else who needs more performance from his or her computer.

It’s incredibly easy and fast and you’ll be overclock your graphics card in under a minute.

So, before we start how to overclock gpu or regardless of the fact that it’s running you know desktop PC or in a laptop you need to know your baseline temperatures for that GPU and in order to do that you just need a very simple msi after burner program. For this, install that msi burner program and you leave it running enter your favorite game display for around 10-15 minutes. Exit the game and check your maximum GPU temperature if you’re in the 90 range then you’re not in a perfect place to be so to say so you might be in that range because of 2 reasons the first reason is our dust the actual cooling may be clogged up with dust.

Overclock GPU

Overclock GPU with one simple application known as AMX After burner. So the screenshots for this program will be in the screenshot page. But you may be ask yourself why is there need to overclock my GPA. Well, basically say you’ve got like the latest and greatest new game by only getting 30 frames per second and you just want that extra bit of boost. Overclocking GPU basically speeds up your GPU of your computer or laptop. Meaning that. You get extra frames for no cost. And it is the simplest process to go.

So here we go. It has a really nice user interface as you can see here. But the first thing you need take into account is your graphics card model.

Before doing Overclocking GPU, You check things from the GPU temperature. To the GP usage to the fan speed and it just goes on. You can detach this and you can click back on. Now first you need to unlock your voltage. So just go into settings, go on voltage control and monitoring then press okay. You may have to restart MSI off the burner for this to take effect. But now you should be able to slide across your voltage. As shown in the pictures, you have increase and decrease levels (battery levels, temperature levels and cards of graphics in MSI After burner. So these are the main 3 you should be looking at the moment I wouldn’t really recommend changing the call voltage unless you know what you’re doing. But this is how I overclock. So you see the slider bar. The core and shader clocks are actually linked together so if I put this up this goes up as well so you don’t have to worry about trying to get them. After adjusting the values and levels then press apply.

Next, run a game if the games are like stable then try a tiny bit high up press supply and do it again so it’s literally trial and error. But then say I go to high and my game crushes it says my trial my drive is not working and the computer has to restart.

When it’s get started everything will be reset back to default then you just go like maybe 20 or 30 below what made it crash and then that should be your optimal speed. And then once you’ve got the right speeds you could also change remember cock obviously put this up a bit. You just go safe and pick a profile and then you’ll be able to just click through them like this. So this is my default preferences and optimal settings you should be able to see how high the numbers go up.

Bottom line is quite a high overclock, So, you have to level up voltage a little bit. But they’ve put there voltage up quite a bit and I don’t really want to do that. Then once it’s done press apply and it’s as easy as that. In minecraft I normally get roughly 90 frames per second and my graphics card get overclocked and everything is fancy. You can get up to 150 frames per second which is really amazing fps for an overclocked like this.

Tips before Shopping for PC graphics card


Shopping for PC graphics card, you will be bombarded with misinformation. Mostly people are intentionally misleading. Mostly usually they just don’t understand what they’re selling but you’re the one who ends up getting burned the biggest misconception is this, no you cannot compare performance by looking at specifications. Take these cards in completely different price brackets.

When comparing products based on the same design architecture and with similar specifications to each other relative performance can sometimes be inferred but even this should be done with great caution so at this point you’re probably getting frustrated. How do we actually compare performance. Real games you wonder how they actually run on the card that you’re looking at this information is definitely out there we do graphics card reviews on our Overclock gpu website but it’s important to find a review that covers the games that you wanna play with your that’s realistic for you.